Importance of Enterprise SMS Archiving

Despite the increased use of mobile devices, many organisations have not implemented text message archiving solutions. The lack of such solutions is causing companies to be at risk of losing essential data.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require organisations to retain electronic content, including ESI. Text messages are a vital source of mission-critical data. Organisations need to be able to retrieve these messages when necessary, including when an employee leaves the company. This will allow the business to manage its communications better and improve its other aspects of a business.

Many industries are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to retain electronic communication for a certain period. In addition, many industries have text message retention policies. These policies vary from industry to industry.

For example, many healthcare industries have text message retention policies. These policies may involve storing employee records or financial statements. Employees may not be diligent in what they type into messages, which could lead to leaks of critical information.

Text message archiving is essential for security and business reputation. It can also be beneficial in legal cases. Companies can use the information they capture to improve their marketing campaigns. They can even defend against a false claim.

The right SMS archiving software will provide details about the messages sent, received, or read. It will also allow employees to utilise their text messaging productivity fully. It can also offer a search tool for both the sender and recipient.

Enterprise Text Archiving

Using enterprise text archiving is a crucial aspect of ensuring compliance and security. Not only does it protect companies from potential leaks, but it also provides insight into their communication strategy. Archiving can also be used for legal investigations and audits.

Enterprise text archiving can help companies stay compliant with various regulations. Some of the principal regulations include GDPR, FINRA, SEC and HIPAA. These regulations require companies to monitor and retain all electronic communications.

Text message archiving helps companies ensure compliance with current communications regulations. It can also help detect problems with internal communications. It can also help companies protect their brand and reputation. It can also help businesses avoid future disputes.

Archiving text messages also promotes a more conscious texting style. Employees may not be diligent when they type in messages and could potentially leak critical information. The solution can also help companies protect themselves from unannounced inspections.

Explore how SMS and text archiving work and affect your enterprise as you check out more from LeapXpert.

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