AI for sales: Top 3 Trends for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a sinister Skynet from fantasy movies, but a very real and very productive assistant to those who implement business strategies. Productive and effective marketing through AI-enabled sales continues to evolve. And new trendy solutions are no longer in theoretical developments, but. Let’s talk about the new trending solutions right now. And an interesting review of ai for sales technologies by experts from Reply talks about solutions that are already in place and predictable. We will focus on the individual trends. And we will illustrate the new world of digital marketing, where more and more routine work has been placed in the hands of omnipotent artificial intelligence.

The Magic of Forecasting

Forecasts in business are difficult and not always rewarding. They are based primarily on fast processing of large amounts of information and high-quality analytics. That is why such solutions, and such technologies are very complicated, expensive, and available mostly only to large corporations that are in no hurry to share their expertise.

AI allows us to automate this process. AI in business forecasts performs three functions:

  • Predicts sales accurately enough;
  • Reduces the cost of obtaining valuable data and provides breakthrough information for small companies and startups;
  • Based on data about customer contacts and previous sales results, it generates a predictive model of consumer behavior.

This data will be processed by artificial intelligence much faster than manual processing and analytics. In fact, the routine operation is transferred to a developed computer system, which based on algorithms has time to give a more balanced and high-quality forecast.

And this, in turn, increases the chances for a company’s marketers to be more competitive in the market and concentrate their efforts on achieving results.

Digital Assistant

Artificial intelligence is good because it does not forget all, received information and always clearly follows the algorithm. Automating the organization of a meeting with this digital assistant will be ideal. Sending messages, sending data, forming lists, refining the calendar. All these functions of a secretary, an assistant, AI will perform 100%.

Optimizing business solutions: pricing and competitive bids

Dynamic pricing tools based on machine intelligence automatically collect online data about competitors. They help generate a pool of data that AI uses to predict quality offers on prices of goods or services. Such data is based on information from competitors and individual customer price perceptions.

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